The Forensic Practice provides research-based training and mentoring in the areas of interviewing, risk assessment, and other clinical domains. From brief informal education sessions to intensive multi-day workshops, we work with our clients to design the best program to meet their specific operational needs.

Our training services include:


The StepWise Approach to Interviewing Children
The StepWise Approach to Interviewing Adults
The StepWise 360: Interviewing Adults in the Child Protection Context
The StepWise Guidelines: Complex Cases
The StepWise Guidelines: Interviewing Witnesses with Special Needs
The StepWise Guidelines: Update and Practice
The StepWise Approach to Conducting Child Abuse Investigations
The StepWise Interview Mentoring (SWIM) Programs


Assessing Risk for Violence I: Foundational Knowledge and Skills
Assessing Risk for Violence II: Case Formulation
Assessing Risk for Sexual Offending: Using Static-99R, Stable 2007, and Acute 2007
Treatment Considerations for Men Who Access Child Sexual Exploitation Materials
Assessing Risk Mentoring (ARM) Program


Assessing Decision-Making Capacity: Informed Consent
Working with Individuals with Special Needs
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