1. Workshops now offered online

    Like many of you, we have adapted to the requirements of online living and learning since Covid-19. StepWise 360: Effective Interviewing Workshop has been delivered online with self directed and real-time practical opportunities to Child Protection Specialists. StepWise Interview Mentoring (SWIM) programs have also been delivered online to police and Child Protection Specialists. Contact us…

  2. Thank you COVID warriors!

    We would like to express our deep gratitude to health care workers, first responders, public servants, transportation workers, supermarket workers, journalists, and everyone else who has been working tirelessly to keep us safe and our communities functioning smoothly. Thank you. We would also like to thank our Associates, clients, and collaborators for their patience and…

  3. Structured Decision-Making Tools: Assessing Risk or Risky Assessments?

    As the wave of evidence based practice gained popularity in the twenty first century, Structured Decision-Making (SDM) Tools were implemented as a method for assessing risk. There are a notable number of cases in which clinical risk assessment failed to accurately predict risk.  SDM Tools were seen as the way to consistently and accurately assess…

  4. Making a Tangible Difference: An Interview with Carolyn Thom

    Carolyn Thom is a certified child forensic interviewer who has helped families as a social worker for over 22 years.  She has dedicated most of her career to keeping children safe as a Specialized Assessor/Investigator at the Zebra Child Protection Centre in Edmonton for the past 15 years.  So, when Carolyn joined our team at…

  5. Sexual Harassment Investigation Part 2: Knowledge

    Why didn’t she report it earlier if it was such a problem?[1] Why does she dress that way if she doesn’t want that type of attention? She keeps seeking advancement in this company, so it can’t be that bad, right? I’ve seen her socialize with the accused. Why would she do that if she was…

  6. Sexual Harassment Investigation Part 1: The Problem

    Lately, there has been a lot of media attention about sexual harassment in the workplace. Almost daily, there seems to be another news story about a high-profile executive, politician, or celebrity who has abused his position of authority to sexually harass or sexually assault one or more victims.[1] While recent reports might make it seem…

  7. Chasing Evidence-Based

    Evidence-based is a term that is tossed around frequently in investigative circles, but what does it really mean? How do investigaters filter the vast amount of research and decide what to integrate into their work?

  8. In memory of Dr. Yuille

    Dr. John Yuille found freedom from his 19-month journey with cancer, just after midnight, on Sunday, July 23. His wife of 36 years, Dr. Judith Daylen, was with him as he passed on. He died with no fear, no regrets, and no unfinished business.

  9. Child Molesters: Preferential vs. Situational Sex Offenders

    Human sexuality is complex. Who we are attracted to, what we prefer to do, how we prefer to do it, and what drives our sexual behaviour varies from individual to individual.

  10. Ethical Forensic Practice: Separating Treatment and Assessment

    The role of a therapist is to develop an evidenced-based personalized treatment plan for a client and to support and motivate that client on the road to change.