We’ve been busy! As we work diligently to transfer more workshops to the online format, we encourage you to keep checking TFP News and Upcoming Workshops for updates about online learning opportunities and new workshop dates. Thanks to Niki, you’ll soon be getting news through your social media sites, too!

All of our in-person workshops for 2020 have been cancelled. We are currently booking client groups for online workshops in the fall/winter 2020 and early 2021. Although calendar space is tight with the new format (4 hours/day over multiple days), these shorter learning sessions will fit better into busy pandemic schedules in the fall, juggling work and family!

For the rest of 2020, we are continuing to offer FREE monthly SWIM sessions. Join us for these brief (1.5 hours), exercise-based, group learning Zoom sessions to keep up your interviewing skills. Check the Upcoming Workshops page.

That’s all for now. Although there’s so much more to share, I gotta get back to work!

Stay safe. Be well. Be kind to everyone, including yourself!